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Can't can't can't is all you hear when it comes to Kodak.
These dozen words give voice to my most fundamental frustration regarding Kodak over the last five years. Not just limited to film. But everything. And I've been repeatedly thrashed for even bringing it up.

Everyone else who has survived—or been resurrected from the dead—has found new and different ways to move forward.* But for some reason all one ever hears from anyone connected with Kodak is "that can't happen."

Why the hell NOT???

I've never seen a more paralyzed organization in my life. The UN is lightning quick by comparison.

Ken (sorry, I try to stay away from this topic, but I'm so weak and they're SO frustrating)

* Impossible Project, Jobo film processors, Aristo replacement tubes, APX film, MCC paper, Lodima paper, Ilford pinhole cameras and accessories, Ilford postcard paper, Leica, Holga, Cosina, all of those toy camera Lomo products, and on and on...