I'm interested in getting into the Hasselblad system (500cm or 501cm). For the lenses, I'm thinking 60mm/100mm or just 80mm. I like my 80mm on my Rolleiflex and I prefer 35mm and 50mm in 35mm format. The lens selection is a personal preference but I'm sure either option will be fine, depending on my budget, well...

1. Are there any long straps? I like Gordy straps but I don't like the string-connection. I want something that is about 48"+. What's a $100 strap that is long, black, and simple.

2. Are B60 filters rare/hard to find? I want UV and a yellow filter, mostly. Maybe only those two, but if not then a few of the basic contrast filters (e.g. Green, Red, etc.) The alternative is to just go 67mm with step-up.

These two details are probably the least of my concern but I usually check keh.com regularly so I'd probably get some accessories if they are priced well.

Now a more general question.

1. How do you guys like this camera for handheld work? I'm not interested in purely handheld work but this is how I would use it most of the time. I have some Rolleiflex's but for some reasons I want to try a Hasselblad. Othertimes, I feel that the added value will be so little...and that I'm better off buying some film. I'm not sure. I definitely see virtues in having removable backs, prisms, lenses, etc.