I've managed to convince myself that I need a new 35mm for grab shots and hand held stuff. I used to have a Voigtlander bessa r2 (which I am absolutely kicking myself about getting rid of, but needed the cash at the time) and have borrowed a bessa T before so am used the quality and operation of the cameras.

I have decided on one of the new voigtlander R cameras - the cost and aperture priority suit me me well, and I can get a reasonable deal with the new fast 40mm Nokton included.

I am torn between getting the R3a or the R2a.

The AP magazine review suggests that the 1:1 finder of the R3a is quite difficult to use (esp with the 40mm lines being so close to the edges of the viewfinder) and makes the shutter speed info LED difficult to see in practice. Hence, I am leaning towards the R2a but the only drawback with this is that it has no lines in the viewfinder for the 40mm focal length, so Iwould have to guess at framing slightly smaller than the 35 mm lines.

Any feedback from users of either camera would be very useful.