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One potential problem - the 120 I got from Freestyle has an expiration of 3/2013. That's a little short for stocking up. I don't recall the date on the 35mm Aura I got from B&H but I think it was a little longer, like fall next year. OTOH I have some Rollei IR in 35mm that I got last year and finally starting to shoot (frozen since) and it's dated 2015.
Don't sweat it, I shot a roll of expiration 2009 last week and it looked perfect, no base fog, no demons.

To put it in perspective, a few years ago, I bought 50 rolls of David Romano's 2424 70mm Aerographic re-spooled into 120. I am thinking it expired in 2003, the year before he ran out and stopped doing it. Like all my 400 speed and other infrared films, it was consistently frozen at -10F or better. I still have 45 rolls of it left, shot a roll over the Summer and it is still perfect. I am thinking that based on my own personal experience, living closer to the sun than most at 8,000 feet, these films are good for at least 10 years if always kept frozen.

Stock up, this is the last of it!