If I were the new captain at the helm of Kodak film, I would hire a few good repair techs, machinists, someone to design slick and fun new camera coverings like Cameraleather, Aki Ashai makes but better. This fun division would take advantage of all the used cameras on the market and not only restore them, but make them as hip and fresh as classic cars with flames painted on thm and then sell them at a range of prices.

These young visionaries would take good film cameras and make them a knock out in terms of looking cool and working great. For example, I sometimes feel like my mechanical cameras are like guitars, I play them, they feel great in the hand and do everything I need them too. So when I went to shoot Burning Man in 2010, I covered a Leica M3, M6 and a Nikon F100 to look like Eddie Van Halen's guitars with random colored stripes. The M3 looked like his yellow striped Strat from the cover of "Women and Children First", even the lenses and shades were covered.

Talk about fun and what an ice breaker for photographing people. Kodak does not need to make a new camera, like film it self, they just need to think out of the box and make it REALLY fun again. This is already going on with old bikes, cruisers and it is very lucrative for those who took the vision to the point of execution.