Cool [pun intended.] I know medium speed films will keep at least 10 years frozen and even 400 speed films often will, but I also know the IR sensitizing dyes are less stable. I read somewhere about some expired Rollei still being a pretty good 400 film for normal light but having almost no IR sensitivity left.

I'll order some more and slap it in the freezer. I have a small dorm fridge - well, largish for a dorm fridge but still - with a tiny freezer unit in the basement with the darkroom but the freezer is jam packed already. Most unexpired film I think I will shoot before or soon beyond expiration just stays in the fridge section. I paid a coworker $50 for it so it was worth that. But the IR went in the food freezer. My wife is tolerant as she loves art. In fact she was telling me when she had drinks with her girlfriends last night they asked about me and she bragged but the only negative thing she had to say was "he doesn't use his darkroom enough. He loves it and needs to work in it more." So she'll be fine with a bit more film in the freezer. I'm going to have to just get a small chest freezer from Home Depot or somewhere.