Hi all,

I make a call to the ones among you who are (or was) at the same time Jobo ATL1 or ATL2 users and are knowledgeable tinkerers :

I have some random problems at ATL-1 head power-on, I think it's a reset problem.

The CPU card is typical of last century technology, and it doesn't bring many problem of reverse engeenering, especially for someone who made his cursus in electrical enginnering in the same last century

But one Integrated Circuit give me a big problem, the reference is completely faded out. And I know it's a part of the CPU reset circuit.

Is any of you has ever seen this circuit board, and have one within eyes reach, or have any schematics, it would be nice if you can tell me what reference is printed on top. I suspect the Jobo ATL2 use the same CPU card with some minor changes, and I don't think the reset circuit should be very different.

Here is two snapshots of the CPU circuit board. The culprit is circled red on the close up. Given the capacitors/resistors couple connected, I suspect this is a kind of monostable multivibrator circuit, to take down the RST signal the required number of CPU cycle, but any hint would be greatly appreciated.

In advance, thanks you very much.

Best regards,