Thanks Mike. I do understand how they work, I just have no idea how or where to wire em in.

The cube is arranged as 2 cells on either side of teh cube wired in series. The flash n charger are internally jumpered so they are actually working as 6V in series. The charger does have 4 springs one for each cell so there must be a regulator sensor in there.

The values of the thermistors have been calculated so my cut off will be 5K. So far all that theory is just fine, just the physical placement of em is my only problem right now.

I did make a 6V external battery many years ago using this CL-1 holder... thus the reason it is empty now. I don't need as much juice as I did back in the day so I want to scale back n use the original CL-1 cube again. THe replacement cells are very cheap and will be more than I will ever need on any shoot. I tried my NiCads n I cna do at least a dozen rolls of film no problem n still have enough go go juice to keep going for a few more hours.

So if anyone still has the old masher battery pack, can you open her up n let me know where those thermistors go?