Digging up this food fight once again - Andre, my standard is not 16x20 - its a 30X40 Cibachrome
made on a vacuum easel with precise graphics lenses. And lots of test have been done by lots of people. You'll find opinions both ways, but I'll bet not one of those web chatter remarks you find
authoritative even factored in the film plane variable, or the FACT that normal film holders don't hold
film dead flat. I measure my film plane with a special depth micrometer, and if needed use a special
kind of filmholder. I really don't really care who is right or wrong. The point is, given the exceptional
quality of these Nikon lenses in general, there are much more practical overall considerations. I bought mine because I was doing a certain amt of indoor architecture where the brighter viewing was essential. And in any event, the lens was distinctly sharper than Super Angulons I have used;
and at the time was considered by quite a few working pros with solid reputations as the best of the
90's. You obviously prefer the f/8 and I'm certain it's a wonderful lens too. I don't know how anyone
could go wrong with either.