I see you're squinting for a set as special offer;-)

I tried the 3a for some films a few days, a really nice toy, sorry: tool, but with my glasses (floating focus?!) I had some difficulties with the frame inside and so I gave it back, changed it for a R2 with a 50mm Nokton and a 75mm, both with the xternal range finders. As I prefer a tiny bit more focal length the latter was my preffered choice and the great 50mm a "nice" addon.
Expecially the range finders, primarly felt like being in stone ages again;-) They really rule, a plastic view and no need for me to creep into the finder.
Sorry for not being able to deliver more long-time-approved practices ... finally I missed the sheets and spalshing around with devoloping in bowls;-)

Aren't you able to lend both for a few days from your/a dealer? Finally your fingers and your eye(s) would make the decisions intuitively after some shots ... for a wrong buy it's a rather hiuge investment, isn't it?