I've been using a Canonet QL GIII for many years. I've played around with other cameras including Leicas here and there. I had an interesting experience yesterday. Based on reading everyones experiences and reviews I was pretty much sold on an Zeiss Ikon. I went to the store to purchase it, they also had an M6, a Bessa R3A on hand, so I though what the heck let's try them all with the same lens (I believe the Zeiss 35mm f/2 ZM Biogon) and compare. What do you know, the one that won me over, because of the way it handled and fit in my hands was the Bessa. I was really surprised. But what surprised me the most is that I just could not focus the Ikon. The viewfinder was magnificently bright, better than the Leica and the Bessa, but I could only get brief glimpses of the patch. Could it have been my eyes? I thought my eye was pretty centered but I had a heck of a time focusing. I even took the salesman outside with me and played with the camera, but I could hardly see it. Is it just a matter of it being so subtle that one has to get used to it. I had to walk away from the store and I couldn't pull the trigger on the purchase. I will probably get the Bessa instead, but the viewfinder on the Ikon was so nice and bright, I'm throughly confused now. Any opinions?