Scanners like some mentioned above would have been a good bridge to digital and pushed the use of film cameras and mainly to sell their film.

Kodak was always very good at keeping things simple in their digital cameras. Just plug it in to their cradle and their software downloaded and did the rest into your computer. They always tried to reach the masses with simplicity - everyone could be a photographer was their credo.

They should have made a scanner like that. Take a batch of slides, drop them in the slot, get a cup of coffee and come back twenty minutes later. Then you have a slide show that would connect to your HDTV or show on your computer, output a disk that you could give to friends, press another button to up load to YouTube Flickr and Facebook or APUG, print out 4x6's in B/W or color automatically, and things like that.

Another suggestion would be to buy Holga or that other
hip film camera company and then expand and promote using their good name. But they gave up with the digital onslaught. A shame.