Black is beautiful. The film noir look on art websites is much in vogue and it is the least troubling for people who are visually challenged in terms of contrast (not me, but I have family members who find many websites a trial to view).

The site's inimitable brevity and directness, together with a simple navigation interface of clear and unambiguous red highlights makes it stylish and very functional, though in terms of biographical content it is very brief indeed. An attractive range of content is showcased demonstrating cohesive visual fluency of, and spontaneity with, varied analogue formats (35mm, medium format and ultra-large format). There are some quite sublime images there including the mono rapids: beautifully exposed, composed with consideration and with expansive depth and breadth. Viewers will certainly get the impression quickly that you have mastered quite a few tricks, not just formats!

There is a downside though in that the site is Javascript-intensive: many web writers have their own rules for what and when new sites should be 'quarantined': it was 80% blocked on initial load (now 100% approved, of course, of course!! ); many browsers by default block javascript until such time as the user identifies the site/content as safe (e.g. Firefox, Opera...others). Without Javascript permissions there is nothing to see on the front page but a "middle grey" rectangle. The page transitions are fluid and unobtrusive (if not user-adjustable for rate of transition to allow more time to contemplate the images) and do suit the work being shown. It's an aesthetically bold and appealing site which hits the right place on landing.