About 5 years a go I spent a lot of time with my bessa R2, then I put it on a shelf and worked with medium format and used the wonderful zeiss lenses I had from my rangefinder on various digital cameras. However after rearranging assets I now find myself without a lens for my R2 and, call it OCD, I cannot tolerate that. I'm looking for a nice 50 or 35 mm lens with a vintage feel. I'll probably end up with a voigtlander 35 2.5 pancake or 40 1.4 SC, but is there anything else I should look at? I just bought a Jupiter 8 off eBay on a gamble that it will be a solid buy, focus well and not have aperture issues. If that doesn't work out is there a great lens in the $300 range? The 35 2.5 from voigtlander is about that and the 40 (my preferred lens) not much more.
Cheaper is better, I'm a big fan of Konica and Minolta RF lenses but these seem to have spiked over the passed 7 or 8 years. I have about a hundred LTM to M mount adapters. I don't know much about Canon RF lenses but I'd rather not spend a whole lot on an old lens from canon.

Thanks in advance,