You are exactly right about seeing the prints and not scans... but I can tell by your subject matter and approach that they are difficult prints. But I do believe
that after your testing, making a bunch of them , going into the darkroom now is more instinctive or *fluid* .

I have a show with 40 silver prints in Springfield Mass for a month opening October 20 . Then I have the work going out to Calgary in Feb for a month for the Exposure festival. *calgary's version of contact* I would love to show in Montreal but I have zero connections in your neck of the woods.

Right now I am on a mission to show as much of my work as possible so I have built a rather large portfolio to mimic the larger print show and I am shipping it around to different cities hoping some gallery curator's like the work enough to give me a show.
I believe this is the only way to get your work known and appreciated, by having the work ready at a moments notice to show.

I took off all forums other than the darkroom and film here on APUG , along with the four people I put on Ignore over 8 years. As I agree the best threads
are the ones about printing , so when I open up APUG the pages of new posts are very limited.