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jnanian: Thanks for the sobering advice. I'll skip them all and save my money to get a REAL camera !!!. I don't know what got into me. I think it was a passing episode of G.A.S.

hey doug

i love street shooting with a graflex slr. if you have your heart set on 3.5x4.5, you can find
a graflex and a bag mag ( if you want to shoot sheets ) or a roll film back and be good to go.
graflexes focus without a zone focus system, and take barrel lenses ( integral fp shutter, sometimes is ezpz to repair )
so you can pick and choose whatever lens you want from super new+sharp to old and fluffy. besides if someone attacks you for stealing their soul on the street, you can't do much with a folder, with a graflex you can swing it
and clobber them, like tim conway, ruth buzzy or carol brunette!
( someone always seems to be selling a graflex slr here on apug in the format you are looking to get into )

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Tim, for you, 3x4 means 3.25" x 4.25". Upper end of MF, according to the people who think that 4" x 5" is the smallest LF format.

yeah there are people on the LF site who are crazy like that ...
thinking that 4x5 is the smallest of the large format,
but free thinkers know better