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I don't think that it would help much if Kodak built film cameras. There are so many excellent film cameras around, new and used. The biggest problem for film users like me is affordable quality development, scanning and printing services. Modern film is capable of remarkable, outstanding results, but most film users nowadays are left with a choice between poor to mediocre development and scanning services at the big commercial labs on one side and (for amateur use) prohibitively expensive high quality pro services on the other. It seems there is nothing or little in between. This can be very frustrating and is one factor that has turned away a lot of people from film in recent years or kept them from returning. Most of the people who count every penny when shooting have turned to digital long ago anyway. But I am convinced there is a considerable number of enthusiast amateurs shooting film that are willing to pay a bit more for decent quality.
It would be great if Kodak could cater for the needs of that market by setting up one large scale, central service where photographers could mail in their films and have them at least developed and scanned with reliable quality and at an relatively affordable (not necessarily cheap) price point. It doesn't have to be top-notch high quality (individual) service. Kodak should know this market in and out and must have the know-how to set up such a service easily. It would maybe kill some of the remaining independent labs but it would at least help to keep film users from turning digital by providing quality results and give film a perspective of medium or long term survival. Just my 2 euro cents...
selling the camera with film,
having the camera sent back to kodak
and images sent back to the customer,
and the camera filled back up with film
is how kodak started ...
i agree with you !
they should build eastman's business ( and business plan )
again, from the rubble of what is left ...
small scale ..

or if they don't do it, someone should ..
localabs are dropping like flies !