Hi all,

Just to say this thread is a very good news. The common misconception here, amongst the surviving analog photographers, is that Jobo went bankrupt several years ago, and that we are condemned to pay more and more bucks to get increasingly scarce spare parts...

This misconception was mine until I heard about a CPP-3 and Jobo at Photokina 2012 on APUG ! That's great news, especially during these times (browsed through the "Industry news" forum, lately ?)?.

Concerning the discussion pro-lab versus Jobo, I would be glad to give my money to any pro-lab which process E6 with sufficient reliability, and who doesn't treat its analog customers as negligible quantity... But the evidence is that such thing no longer exists in my area. The last batch I got from a pro-lab, has, in no particular order : Magenta cast, black specks and flakes, a few scratches, and even fingerprints !

I haven't made any Kodak E6 strip test on my Jobo works, I am probably out of specs, but I don't need it to see that my Jobo produces far more superior results.

Notwithstanding the fact I consider paying 5€ for processing a single 4x5 sheet in E6, just plain pricey...

About the 110L baths, I presume they receive now monthly an infinitesimal fraction of the number of colors films they are used to process ten years ago, so these baths and processing chains are probably resting for months in the machines, without cleaning, and it surely explains the black specks and gunk sticked to our transparencies...

So, I will continue to go sloshing E6 chemistry in my tiny tanks, as long as the old Jobo isn't falling completely into parts, even when it driving me mad (see my post about ATL1 in same forum ) ! I wish I have the bucks to afford a CPP-3 !

Best regards,