Removing most of the 35mm stuff, I am looking for trade for a Polaroid Camera that takes the Fuji packfilm stuff. I am not looking for anything exotic, something simple like a Polaroid Land 100 or Colorpack will do. I will also trade for Fuji FP100c.

Nikon N90s - AF and Metering works perfectly, no corrosion in battery compartments, a really good shooter. Shows sign of wear and the LCD strip at the viewfinder does not light up.

Minolta Himatic 7s - shutter fires nicely, there is a battery and it works well too, but it underexposes by about half a stop so you should compensate for it. Lens is clean, cosmetically looks about 7/10 to me. No light leaks, and film spacing is correct. I put a black dot (I did this on the viewfinder to help me determine focus and it works well. There is only one issue. When you advance the film and press the shutter button, the barrel of the lens twists a bit to the right, and the shutter will not fire. For the shutter to fire you just need to hold the barrel of the lens and twist it a BIT to the left, and it works.

PM me for questions, thank you.