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I'm rather astounded by the price of your bellows ($60). Mine have costed 4 euros...
Well, let's double-check keeping in mind this bellows required about 2.5 times the surface area of yours:

~36" x 48" rubberized darkroom cloth @ ~$25
~36" x 48" liner material @ ~$8
1 can automotive headliner spray ~ $8
1 can automotive trim adhesive spray @ ~ $13 (I was surprised at this cost)
~ 500ml contact cement @ ~ $6 (IIRC...didn't use much of the can though)
4 sheets posterboard for stiffeners @ ~ $5
2 sheets black foamcore for the form @ ~$11 (didn't really need this but it was helpful.

That brings the cost to about $76 not counting various sundries like the fabric pencil, and masking tape and paper towels used to keep the glue off surfaces. IIRC, the last bellows I purchased was around $380 plus overseas shipping costs for one about 19" square x 52" long for an 11x14 camera. So, the material cost for a handbuilt one that size would quadruple, but still save me around $100. Not a great savings considering the time involved, but I'm enjoying the fact I made the bellows myself. Once I get the camera built and start pouring my own glass plates, I'll be as close to making a photograph from scratch as I can get without becoming a chemist. (And so much for the digital vs film debate as far as I'm concerned.)

For the next bellows, I think I'll use headliner spray exclusively since it seemed to bond better, was less expensive than the other spray, and easier to apply than the contact cement. The contact cement also soaked into the liner fabric which was more porous and required several coats and a longer time to cure.