I am not sure what you are asking about, so i will answer twice:
1. Jobo machines (cpp2\cpa2) with SN under 22XXX have some version of an older motor. Technically speaking, one can upgrade the unit to use the latest motor (same as in the CPP3\ATL) but the cost and inherent benefits (only the main rotation motor is replaced, leaving many other old\failing components) make it generally not a viable option.

2. A CPP3 control unit only, bolt on upgrade is in the cards. This will enable existing CPA\CPP users to simply buy the new unit and replace the old unit with undoing and re installing 2 screws and 4 bolts (about 3 minutes all together). This option promises to save on the initial cost of the machine, as well as on global shipping, as the control head is much smaller then the entire unit with the main water trough. We will be updating when such an option becomes available in 115V.