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do you have access to a darkroom?
you might consider shooting paper negatives
instead of expensive+fast fuji instant film.
photo paper is cheap and nearly as instant ...
you just need developer and fixer.
rate it at about asa 6 or 12 or 24 depending on the paper you use.
point your camera out the window, don't bother with a flash
it will complicate things ...
do sunny 16 ( umm 11 ) so your asa 12 paper will be 1/12S at f 11 if it is bright sun
( 1/10th is close enough ) ...
process your paper negative in whatever developer you have, print is ok, film is ok
even instant coffee will develop your prints, but it will take a while, so be prepared to
wait a few mins in the soup.

instant film is great if you want or need instant results, but expensive if you are starting out
especially if you don't have a fast enough shutter, too much light, or confusion about over and under exposure to achieve good results ...

good luck !
virtually no access to a darkroom.....though I had originally acquired the camera with a view to shooting tintypes. or making a camera adapter for a DSLR.

the reason for shooting instant is the immediate feedback, given that I am a novice. significantly shortens the learning curve, the way I look at it.

Regarding overexposure, yes that would be a possibility but, how does the fact that pulling the tab on a print in the second pack, and having it come out white, after the #1 print which was also unexposed, was developed as black, sit? Unless I somehow managed to overexpose it so much that light migrated thru the material of the #2 print and fogged #3? is that even possible? it is in my twisted mind. how about reality?