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Seems to me that you need to go back to square-1 and verify your equipment and processes. You should have seen some sort of results on the film.

What shutter? Are you sure the X-synch is properly working? If, for some reason, your shutter has M-synch and you are set their... that could be your problem.

Are you sure you loaded the film into the back properly and the rollers are working? Did the "goo" spread across the film when pulled for processing?

How did you meter the flash? Even in "auto mode", if your strobe has one, you should have seem some image. I'd suggest using guide number calculations or a flash meter.
The shutter is a Synchro Compur, more than that I cannot tell you. And yes, it has M sync but I did make sure it was set to x sync. What is the best way to test the x-sync? I guess I could just hold it in front of a dslr body, set to b? one that is known to work? then fire the shutter when a flash is connected? at all the speeds? sound good to you?

I have plenty of experience with Pola backs, and can happily confirm that the print is developed properly. But always worth asking.

The flash was just set to manual and a gut instinct for the camera settings. Though, as my quick workings above show (excluding compensation for bellows), they were about right.