What size of print will show more of the total image of a 645 shot? Would it be 4x5 or 4x6? I've seen them print 645 to 4x6, but this size seems a bit wide for this format. I know 645 is not a perfect fit for either, but I'd like to know what people are printing to. Technically what size of print would show the total image without some cropping?

Also I've heard the focus screens are different between the original 645 and the later 645N and NII cameras. What changed for the N models that won't allow you to use an original model screen? Or is it possible to install a 645 screen in a N model? Reason I ask is I have both a 645 and a 645N. I only have a manual focus lens I can use on them, and manually focussing on the N model is quite difficult compared to the original with the split prism. I know with the N, I'd need a AB-82 screen, but they are both expensive and difficult to find new or used.