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Are all these quality P&S cameras doomed ?
Eventually, they probably are. All of them rely on batteries that will likely not be available in another ten years.

For instance, I have (well, just appropriated, since my wife uses the digital exclusively now) a Yashica PZ 3125 Quartz Date -- quite nice, auto-everything with a few overrides (like flash lockout and long exposure night shot capability, self timer, 38-125 zoom, and date imprinting back with no-record setting). It's in excellent shape, only about 4 years old -- but depends on a 3V round lithium cell a little fatter and a little shorter than a AA.

Duracell is closing the plant where these batteries are made (it's local to me here in north-central North Carolina -- there go another 280 jobs) due to the drop in demand as NiMH for digitals replace lithium and alkalines for camera use. I suppose I could do as I've done with my Polaroid -- solder in a 2xAA battery holder to avoid the need for the exotic battery (the holder and the time it took to install cost less than one battery for the Polaroid).