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I think the major problem is the switch between 32-bit and 64-bit processors. I have an old printer that uses Polaroid Spectra film, but it only works with Windows ME (bleh) and older. It was fine using a Win98 VM with my old XP computer (32-bit), but when I moved up to a 64-bit CPU, all of the legacy equipment stopped working.
Exactly so, and as said above, it's probably not worth getting too worried if it's just a cheapy printer which won't upgrade due to lack of a driver, as with my old Canon. However, Epsom do supply 64-bit drivers to download, and these work fine with both my printer and scanner. The other work-round is, of course, and as I do, and that is to keep a copy of XP or other 32-bit on a partition for use when necessary. (I even still have a working version of Windows 98 on another PC so as to be able to use some older astronomy gear!)