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This is what Crawley said about Adox MQ Borax in BJP Dec 16 1960,the earliest reference to it I have found:
"The concentration of sodium sulphite is 20 grammes lower than in D.76,which reduces the amount of physical development and improves sharpness.The sheen referred to earlier in D.76 appears to be caused by the nature of borax alkalinity (in a sensitive carbonate chemical developer the introduction of borax in a concentration of 0.1 grammes per litre will produce a slight sheen).The addition of potassium bromide to a borax developer will remove this sheen virtually entirely,for it appears to prevent discontinuities usually caused by borax alkalinity.The buffering of Borax with added boric acid does not seem to improve definition,although the borax sheen is reduced and sharpness improved.Adox MQ Borax has times slightly longer than D.76, contrast rising more slowly."
Other companies used lower Sodium Sulphite concentrations with similar increases in sharpness, Agfa 44 (Agfa Ansco/Gaf 17) is one example. Ilford ID-68 (Microphen) another both having 80g/l Sulphite Dupont used 75g/l in T ND-2 another MQ Borax fine grain developer.

Fotokemia FR-2 is in fact Adox Borax MQ.