I think this is a controversial subject, because it's in the eye of the beholder what is good.
With 35mm everything becomes more critical, because it's magnified more, so the it's absolutely critical that everything is perfectly aligned, that your negatives are optimal, and extra care must be taken at printing time, etc.
35mm has a few things going for it, like lens resolution. Some films today are so good that medium format lenses start to run out of resolution before the film does, which isn't necessarily true with 35mm lenses. So sharpness should never be an issue.
But we can never get away from the fact that 35mm will not offer tone shifts that are as smooth as those from a larger neg. if you like really smooth tonality you need the larger negative.

Personally I have series of pictures that contain prints from 35mm and 120 both, and I'm perfectly happy showing them side by side. Only you can answer what sort of quality you like in your prints. For me, I actually prefer what I get from 35mm up to 16x20" (I can't print larger in my darkroom) for the most part, but the quality is so good from both that camera choice becomes a choice of what the lens does and how the camera makes me work, rather than worrying about print quality. You ought to be using the camera, the tool, that fits the description of what you wish to achieve. Then use your best technique to get what you want, and that is down to taste and individual work flow.