for some reason i have been shooting dspecific films, B&W, color neg and slide in specific cameras. I don't know if its because i think meters in certain cameras do a better job than others with a certain film type, or its just OCD thing .

I find that my Nikon F5 works great with all slide films, better than any of my other cameras. for color neg I find that my f80, n90 and F4 all do a great job. for black and white I really like my FA, FE2 and N80 as well as the F5. So am I crazy? my girlfriend thinks so! based on the cameras I have I would love to hear what types of film you think would be best suited for a specific camera. Or is it all a waste, just shut and shoot. Also do you have a specific film that you only shoot in a specific camera like me.

my cameras are all Nikon. F5, F4s, N90, N80, FA, FE2 and an F. I have also been wanting a F100 but not sure it will give me anything different from the cameras I have. Maybe its just that i dont have it and want it. so would the F100 fill in any holes i might have?

thanksa and happy shooting.