Yes and no. With 35mm I keep my F4s that lives permanently in my car loaded with Portra 400, My F5 gets a mix of and Provia, Ektachrome, or Ilford B&W. My MF camera eats a diet of a dozen different emulsions and about the same for my 4x5.

I HATE, HATE! I tell you HATE color negative film with a passion. I only keep Portra in my F4 because it covers most any lighting situation I might encounter.

I see no need getting an F100 unless you want a lightweight F5. I've had a FM, N6006, N8008, N90 & N90s, F3, F4, F4s, F5. I sold what I didn't use and what didn't work well with my selection of lenses, so now I only have an F4s and F5 for 35mm. I love the metering in the F5 and the fact that I can use my G lenses with VR. But I like my F4s with my 50mm/1.4 the most because if someone tried to rob me I can beat them with it then take pictures of their dead body afterwards.