Oh Bill - you have thrown a spanner into the works! I can get a Rollei 35 rf+ t-winder + 40mm sonnar for a little bit less than the r2/3a + Nokton deal too (enough to pay for a couple of filters to fit).

My two main concerns would be:

I tend to shoot using aperture as my priority, I used to spin the shutter speed dial on my Bessa R like mad, even built up a bit of a callous! SO I was really looking for the AE option, but then again, I can live with the occasional sore finger.

And the slower lens issue ... My limited budget wont stretch to the rollei body and a nokton .... but then again, the 35rf deal comes with a Zeiss lens, or made to zeiss specification at least. Are these made by Cosina too? I need to seriously think if I really need to go all the way to f1.4 ....

Also, my general trend for further lenses woudl be to go wide (25mm and less) rather than longer so these would be with the accessory finders anyway - the viewfinder will only be an issue for the 40 lens ....... decisions, decisions