Here's hoping that you all are having a good time. My wife told me last night at 9:00 PM that "I ought to go anyway," (even though my car has become unreliable. I wonder what I did to irritate her? Well, what else did I do?) I explained that it is a five hour drive and that I'd get there at 2:00 AM, assuming that I got there at all, and would be up four or five hours later to catch early light and didn't that seem like a lot for what one would hope to be a relaxing weekend? She stared at me, then repeated that she thought I ought to go anyway.

I've got to figure out why she wants me dead all of a sudden. I wonder whether she took out more insurance on me?

Anyway, I went to a local industrial park which just started when the economy crashed. They'd put in the streets, street lights and fire hydrants then the whole thing died. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I had a great time and think I may have gotten at least a couple of good photos. I hope that all of you had at least as good of a day!


ps: the car ran fine all day.