hi randy

if it is deardorff that you have, and are looking for all the info about
there are a few places you can poke around ...

first --- you might contact deardorff .. the family is still making cameras and may have
historical information you are seeking ... http://www.deardorffcameras.com/

second --- contact ken hough, he is a deardorff restorer and historian

if it is learning and understanding how to use the camera ..
go to the library, go on amazon &c find the books mentioned .. or ansel adam's trilogy camera - negative - print

using a LF camera really isn't as hard as you think .. its just a box and a lensboard and film holders
the hardest part of using a large format camera might be loading the film, or remembering to close the shutter
before removing the darkslide .. using the camera really isn't that hard ...

processing the film ... you might look for ansel adams' - the negative
or read what people have written and questions asked here, and the large format page largeformatphotography.info

there is a TON of information to read and help you along.

don't get hung up on the small stuff and if you have trouble with one processing method
try a different one, until you find one you are comfortable with.

good luck !

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I am new to MF and LF and a retired mechanic who shot Sunny 16 Pentax for decades. I have become smitten with LF. I am sad I did not find it much earlier. But the lack of information on not ancient cameras, accessories and less so lenses is astounding. I know how to use the LF camera, develop the film and enlarge it, but finding hardware information and cameras parts is very difficult. It is like restoring motorcycles before the Internet. Futile.

Yes, many of you provide great advice on many topics, but trying to find out camera history is tough. Deardorff has a nice site. I wish is was deeper and included an encyclopedia of Deardorff minutia. Yes, I am an insane collector. It is suggested to search APUG and there is much to learn here, but much is not here. The forums are full of short replies with a link to long lost websites. It may seem redundant to spell out in each post explicitly what we are discussing, but these lost websites are absolutely no help.

I am no better, but I have just begun. I collect Horseman and Mamiya. I am starting on B&H. I am fond of Chicago made anything. I find eBay listings have more history than anywhere and one can learn some expensive lessons only by buying them. Fair enough.

I know many of you learned the hard way. I also know most LF users decry the abandonment of the oeuvre. It is an Art form and the process is just as important as the product or image. I know each of us must love the process or we would no longer do it.

Where do we go from here?