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Why this fixation on Tessar? Are the other optical formulas not able to give a picture? I had by the past a Ricohflex (triplet lens) giving very nice results save the light coating... Same thing with an Ikoflex... The most important with these cameras is to make sure they are fine tune and that what you see is what you get (i.e., both viewing and taking lenses are matching). This is a prerequisite for fully using lens capabilities.

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Why do I like my Holga, my Petzval on 4x5, or my 150sf on my Mamiya?

Why do I like FP4 over Delta 100 and Delta 400 over HP5?

Different lenses and films actually impart specific looks and effects into a photo.

If I want the look a Holga gives me, why would I want to start with a Lieca?