Can't afford a Rollei
Yes you can! It's called "Coffee Can Economics."

Get an old, empty coffee can.
Put it some place where nobody can get into it like the top shelf of your closet.
Every week, take $10 out of your paycheck and put it into the can.
Every night when you come home from school or work, empty the spare change out of your pockets and put it into the can.
Drink one less beer on Friday night and put the money you would have spent into the can. (Or better yet, quit drinking beer and save even more money! )
Quit smoking and put the extra money into the can. What other crap do you waste money on? Why not save it? Put it in the can!

You'll be surprised how fast the money piles up!
Even at $10 per week, that's $100 in 10 weeks. At $20/week, that would be $200.

I bought my last car with coffee can economics. I was able to afford a brand new car instead of a crummy, used car because I saved up every last spare penny I had for over a year.

If you want it bad enough, you can afford it! Just save your pennies!

Nothing personal but I sometimes get pissed off when people tell me, "I don't have any money," while they are sitting there stuffing their face with pizza, beer and cigarettes!
If they would quit eating like a pig, drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney they might have some more money!

Okay... Done ranting... Sorry...

Still, if you really want a camera and you start saving today, you can easily have enough money to get one by Christmas. Valentine's Day at the very latest.