What a turn around. As of Wednesday evening we knew of two people coming for sure. Thirteen ended up coming. Thank you. We had a bunch of fun.

Saturday, Peter, Jeff S, Dale, Chris and I shot down in the Flats. At the end of the day Peter said I looked really tired. I counted film holders and realized I had shot 16 sheets of 7x17. That be a lot for a 72 year old. Jeff S, Dorothy, Beth, Lee G and Sue G spent the day at the Farm also having a great time.

At a discussion of what we might do to make the event more attractive to new people it was suggested that we post scans of the images we made. I would be most appreciative if you who scan, would upload them here or link to some outside page. I don’t do that so I am going to have to ask that others show there stuff, please.

It was suggested that we have a winter event and shoot at night out in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park over the snow and ice. The trail where we hike regularly, six miles from here, is called Horse Shoe Pond, has a several acre pond 100 feet from the parking lot. It might be a good spot. Then of course there is our 1/3 acre pond right outside the door. Sounds cold to me, but when we have a blanket of snow I will post and see who actually shows up.

Any more good ideas for events?

Thanks for coming all 13 of you who made it, and thanks for trying the several who had to cancel at the last minute.

John & Dolly