I am surprised at the comment by wblynch. All the XG-1 bodies I buy are fine. But, one small caveat:

With the electronic Minoltas that have not been used for some time there is a 'sometime tendency' for them to need to be 'booted up' before they will perform. My experience has been that you need fresh batteries and then proceed to play with its shutter for about 15 minutes. The LEDs do, eventually 'wake up'. The body can be reluctant at first but when it seems to get used to being fired, it then seems to remember and then all is well.

Being quite stupid with electronics I had to anthropomorphize here and equate the Minolta body with a reluctant person, but that has been my true experience, many times, over the years.

Long live the SRT series but the electronic Minoltas are truly not dogs. I love them. - David Lyga