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I seem to be having a very annoying problem with my 35mm cameras lately. I am getting a number of very very fine horizontal lines going through the print (from the negative of course). The lines extend from one end to the other and are perfectly straight. They are white in color(black in the negatives) and sometimes there's one...sometimes more. Could it be that my shutter curtain is leaking light? Has anyone else experienced this, or have an idea of what it could be? The crazy thing is that it only shows up with B&W film. I ran about 3 rolls of color through it, and there was nothing to speak of. Thanks.
This is a problem that has occured in a couple of my Minolta cameras, if they are perfectly straight, take one of your negs and place along the rails to see where they line up, I have had to send two cameras in to have this repaired and it was very fine dirt particles in the area when the film rolled onto the take up spool..