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Roger Hicks used to tell the story about the person at a camera club who admired his Leicas and said "I wish I could afford cameras like that" then drove home in his brand new car.

It's usually just priorities.

There was this girl in the office where I worked who always complained that she didn't have a Rolleiflex like mine. I told her to save up her pennies and she would always whine about not having enough money.

All the while, she would be grazing from a bag of Doritos and sucking down bottles of Diet Coke.

I asked her how much her snacks cost: $2.99 for a king sized bag of Doritos and another $2.99 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke... Times 5 days a week. Add another $5.00 a day for cigarettes. That's over $50.00 a week just on junk.

I told her, point blank, that she could have an extra $200 to spend if she just quit eating junk. Inside of two months, she could have a right-fine camera and still have money left over for film. Instead she just ate like a cow and bitched all day.

After a while, I just quit talking to her all together.

You're right. It's all in your priorities.