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Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to the color shift that happens when one area of a print is either shaded/dodged or burned in? Should I be making a colored shade? Print in two steps with different color adjustments? Help. please.
Printing exposure will have a decided effect on the appearance of color balance in a print, although there is less of a color "shift" than there appears to be. Certainly, one could "split print" using different dichro color filtration, but I haven't done that ... I'll have to try it ... all though I can imagine a complicated process requiring a lot of experimentation and practice.

Hmmm... colored dodging tools... filters on a stick. Could work - although I have an idea that they would be hard to control and tricky.

One thing that makes dodging and burning more difficult in color is the sensitivity of color papers. Usually there are shorter exposure times than with black and white - when the f/stop is decreased to allow more time, the image is very dim.