First of all, let it be known that I'm a newbie. I just learned how to process and make prints of my film. I work on 35mm and 4x5.

All aspects of photography are so exact until you get to making an enlargement of a photography. What I mean is that there is nothing that secures your paper in place while you make a print. I'm sorry but I'm still learning the names of the things one uses to make prints, so I'll do my best to describe what I mean. Once I have the negative I want to enlarge, I use a piece of paper similar in size to the paper I'm going to use for the enlargement, say an 8x10 white sheet of paper, or the back of a used piece of film paper. I place the paper in the holding tray, the tray that holds the paper (again, sorry about not yet knowing all the names), and focus my image. Once this is focused, I carefully remove the used piece of paper and replace it with a new one, again, careful not to move the holder thing, and make the print.

I'm surprised that there isn't anything that aids the process of holding the paper down so as not to move it out of place. Because that tray is just laying there, anything can knock it out of place. If you're not careful, you can easily move it out of place and you have to start all over again to find your place.

Did I make sense? Do you guys (and gals) know what I'm talking about? Is this how printing is done or does my school (where I'm learning film processing) just have very old enlargers? Meaning, with the new ones you don't have this problem?

Thanks for listening/reading. Any tips will be appreciated.