Thanks for the replies, a lot of information, regarding the hotshoe I will try that when I can get the screwdrivers but the contact that goes on the flash looks pretty badly damaged so I may have to find a spare one. With the shutter lock, if I turn it either way it doesn't stop the shutter from being pressed, am I doing something wrong?
Yet another question, does anyone know of a supplier of spare parts for the Pentax MX? I really want to replace the base plate, the hotshoe, the cap on top of the winder and maybe even the top part of the camera with the dials, winder etc., also the battery cover. All these parts are quite badly damaged and I would love it if the camera could look like new again. Furthermore, is there any way of reparing the grip on the film door? It has started to peel off on one corner, and is there any way of repainting the camera so that all the bits that are supposed to be black are black and not copper? The paint has rubbed off.

Sorry for even more questions but it is the only way for me to learn...

Thanks, James