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"Good enough" has been the theme since before my grandparents were born really... Before digital, we had disposable cameras, APS cameras, disc cameras, 110 cameras, cheap 35mm cameras you got free with a magazine subscription, old zone focusing imitations of quality, soviet imitations, brownie cameras, etc... Some of them have charm, but their market segment was "good enough"
In some cases, maybe. I think today the quality has vastly improved outside of cell phones (and even some cell phones take decent images). I have never had a bad digital camera. The cell phone of today is the 110 or disc camera of yesteryear with the twist that you know, immediately if you got a shot, no shot, good shot, or crap. As long as you got a non no-shot, it's good enough. With film you could screw up in any number of ways and not even know you screwed up. So back then, if it was important, you hired a pro or made sure you used good gear.