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Yes you are both right, it is about priorities, no I don't smoke neither do I go out all weekend drinking beer or sit stuffing my face with pizza etc. As for cars, I don't have a new one of those either!!!! What I do prioritise is getting both of my step kids through university, I trust this is an important enough priority to not be able to afford a Rollie. Rant over !!!!!!!
I'm glad you don't smoke. It's good that you don't drink too much and that you keep your snacks to a minimum.
Applause to you for having better resolve than I do.

I'm sorry I couldn't express my thoughts in a way that don't sound so negative.
My examples were meant to be generic, not to imply that you smoke, drink and mismanage your budget.

My story was specifically targeted at the girl in my office. I tried to help her get a camera. I even searched Ebay and found a nice Pentax with a lens included for under $100 yet she still insisted on complaining.
Yes, every day she ate a bag of Doritos and a bottle of diet coke.

It's my fault with letting my frustration with one less-than-intelligent person spill over in your direction.
I thought you would understand it as an example and not as a personal indictment.