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I bought some Supra Endura from Ultra-fine a couple of months ago. They re-cut & box it themselves in their own boxes. I bought a box of Ultra Endura & a box of Supra Endura. Both boxes of paper were fogged from a safelight. I also bought a box of the ultrafine brand paper and that was fogged as well.
I'd stay away from them if I were you.
The stuff I got from them through their ebay page was over a year, 18 months ago and came in Kodak boxes.
Seems they have changed what they are doing so disregard what I said in my earlier post as it no longer seems to apply.

Thanks for the info Dslater, I was thinking of getting some more but will probably check out the arista/freestyle stuff this time. The ebay page shows a stock photo of the boxed Kodak stuff and hasn't changed since I got mine.
I hope they did you right.