Wiltw, I believe you came closest to understanding my frustration. Thanks for your links, I was aware of both. I have read nearly everything I can find on LF, including most books available with the Chicago Public Library. I spend plenty of time searching the Internet, when possible I find old catalogs and magazines. They are a great source.

I am interested in photography history and collecting. Cameras are almost easy compared to enlargers, the forgotten child of photography. It seems people preserve most cameras, yet trash enlargers. I now have a nice working collection of tiny to large, enlargers. Too bad I did not start earlier, from the forums and old for sale ads, I gather most darkrooms were dismantled a decade ago. Late to the party, my mistake. From a recent conversation at the Calumet sales counter it seems younger people are picking up 4x5.

I particularly admire this website, http://antiquecameras.net/blog.html I also appreciate View Camera magazine, great reading. I sure there are many other sources to discover. I enjoy casual research, after all nobody making money with this stuff. The owner of Central Camera gave me quite an education one night after closing, thank you Don Flesch. Spoken history is often the best, but it is fleeting in my aging memory.

I do shoot and I am setting up a large darkroom to share with my "Pro Photographer" neighbors, they are very interested. We have 2 in our building, and 4 filmmakers. On the 13th I will be using a 8x10 studio Ansco to shoot Polaroids of visitors to our open house. Sure I could do it with a handheld camera, but the fun is drawing them in with a monster Fujiroid. Now, I need to paint the homemade Ansco reduction back, proper grey...