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I beg your pardon! The Xenar is most known in the Tessar-type version.
I am getting confused, AgX. When I refer to a Xenar in this context, I am referring to the lens installed on Rolleiflexes and Rolleicords. To the best of my knowledge, these were ALL 75mm, f/3.5, 4-element "ZTessar-type' lenses. Did a different style of Xenar get used on Rollei cameras?

And did the label 'Xenar' mean different things at different times or on different cameras? I know that lenses called Xenar were used on some Kodak Retinas, for example. And that there are large-format Xenar lenses. Are some of these Xenars a differnt configuration that isn't "Tessar-type"?

Kodak had a variety of lenses called 'Ektar' but this didn't mean a specific optical design. Is Xenar used in this manner? Or did the optical design get changed by Schneider after Rollei wasn't using them? Or, maybe yet, there ARE Rolleiflexes or 'Cords with a newer Xenar design?

Not trying to be confrontational, trying to learn. Your response is tantalizing but confusing. Thanks.