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I can't activate the shutter without the muscles in my hand making the whole camera move. Rather than leave it sitting on a shelf in closet, I'd rather sell it to someone that can make better use of it and use the proceeds to add on to my blad system or get another Rollei. As Yamaha used to say, different strokes different folks.
Considering your original post, it would be interesting to see a movie of you holding the camera and firing the shutter -- you shouldn't be having this trouble unless -- sorry, no offense -- you've rarely used 35mm before and just don't know how to sqeeze it -- you have to squeeze the whole hand, not punch the button -- the M has the best shutter button in the business for this sort of thing. It's just like firing a rifle...

but as I said, if you can't make it work, you can't, don't sweat it, find a camera that works for you.

the $100 offer stands.