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There is an interesting effect noted by researchers in the '40s. The eye (and visual system) is much more willing to accept out of focus closeup photos of the human face as acceptable than other out of focus content...
I thought about this Saturday while parading with my 4x5. Last year I focused on people closest to me and some shots didn't feel right. So I reshot. It's hanging up to dry now, I'll soon see if the shot which has the leaders out of focus "works" according to this principle.

It remains difficult for me to express my desire to shoot LF knowing it isn't the right tool for some situations where I use it anyway. Today when I showed her the prints, my sister gave me grief about missing the shuttle, telling me I'm shooting with a fork.

Massimo and Thomas, I appreciate and accept your opinions. You keep me from doing something rash like renouncing my vintage work on smaller formats. Of course the image is what matters, and the choice of format is only relevant to the photographer who takes the photograph.