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I've been at Photokina and had a long and very interesting talk about the new cameras with Mr Schönrock of DHW at their booth.

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I think I figured out what they did. I think they adapted the 80mm lens to the FT focus mechanism and front. That gives it just a bit more extension which allows a bit closer focus.
Well yes, the current FX has a new focus machanism which allows a closer minimal focus. The new focus mechanism is similar to the one used in the Tele-Rolleiflex FT.
The optical design of the lens is the same (Planar).
The new lens name "S-Apogon" is now used because the licence agreement had expired.

The demand for the Rolleiflex TLRs has been very stable over the years, and is recently just slightly increasing. The highest demand comes from Asia, especially from Japan, where these cameras have always been very popular.

DHW has been very satiesfied with the interest for their products at Photokina. Interest was much better than expected. For the new, improved Hy6, too.
He told me that about 35% of the Hy6 customers are (also) using the Hy6 with film.

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